We work with indigenous plants in all different forms of land management and landscaping.

Lawn is often installed on lots/property as the standard way of managing unused land. Indigenous Landscapes (Formerly Pioneer Landscapes) offers aesthetically rich, ecologically productive alternatives; designing/installing/maintaining-food forests/edible landscape concepts, native prairie construction, pollinator projects, and savannah plantings/reforestation plantings that lower your maintenance on your property while maximizing yields in the form of beauty, wildlife support, and food production. Want to read more about transforming your land? Check out our services description page.

We also offer more traditional landscape services, while still keeping them ecologically centered including like our native plant focused landscape design/installation, invasive plant removal (honeysuckle, buckthorn, etc.), and more formal tree/shrub plantings.


Schedule a free site visit (within 50 miles of 45140) by contacting through email; Pioneerlandscapesllc@gmail.com or calling solomon gamboa at 513-545-1079. 

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 Pioneer Landscapes holds 2-3 Workshops a year teaching the public about various topics related to sustainable land management.

Pioneer Landscapes holds 2-3 Workshops a year teaching the public about various topics related to sustainable land management.

Our Nursery Productions

In 2018, we will produce over 1,600 native trees and shrubs and over 4,000 herbaceous native wildflowers for landscape installation. Our plants mature by September, and installation seasons ensues from September through December. Plants are not available before September.


Pioneer Landscapes has organized and produced a plethora of resources for the professional, hobbyist, and homeowner. To tap into our collection of information, click the image above.


Pioneer Landscapes aims to empower the public with the essential skills needed to work with nature, while enamoring, not angering, the neighbors. Please see our line up of workshops, classes, and presentations for this year....


All of the land management options we offer at least 35% cheaper than lawn to maintain while being aesthetically and ecologically rich. We also offer more traditional landscaping services. To learn more click the image above.

Much of the work we do throughout the year is Invasive Species Removal; reclaiming land for indigneous plants. see these before and afters below to have an idea of what this step of land recovery looks like.