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These pictures and videos are meant to be educational and introductory in a way that assists your learning and enriches your experience with land/life. Feel free to share these pictures and videos, but please do not edit them or manipulate them. No picture has been photoshopped on this page, so the images realistically reflect the plants.

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Want to know how we condense thousands of square feet of invasive honeysuckle and buckthorn into brush piles?

To learn more about these native pollinator favorites, find them in our blog post here: 9 Native Replacements for Bush Honeysuckle.

Want to learn more about Purple Prairie Clover? See our native plant profile blog post devoted to this plant here.

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Sweetgum's attract small songbirds in the late fall as their fruit pods open up and start releasing small seeds. 

Prairies are a wonderfully vibrant low maintenance alternative to managing land as lawn, and more economically affordable. See more about prairie land management here.