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Seeing Forests From the Soils Workshop

See Full Hike/Lecture Workshop Flyer Here



Pioneer Landscapes will hold 3, 3 hour lecture-hikes in Cincinnati Metro-area 2nd growth, and older growth forests this summer. Our goal is to show how to read the county soil surveys and compare them with the topography, past land use, and current forest vegetation to gain site specific insight for projecting where native trees truly want to be planted. In these 3 forest hikes, we’ll learn the nature of our most common Glacial Till, Glacial Outwash, Alluvial, Residuum, and Loess deposits, and how their characteristics dictate the structure of a high quality forest, and/or a reforestation project.

You’ll also receive a custom made Youtube video showing you how to use the USDA web soil survey, to survey your own property with, as well as a simple how-to-guide accompanied with spreadsheets that allow you to use the information already compiled by Pioneer Landscapes to choose the right trees for your soil/hydrology/topography.

Price is $15 a hike (18 years old or under FREE), or 40$ per person to attend all 3 hike-lectures. Dates are Sat. June 20th, Sun. June 21st, and Sat. June 27th at (9:30 A.M-12:30 P.M.). Locations including maps will be received upon pre-registering through email. Pre-registration is required due to the 50 person cap. Email to register.