The following resources Pioneer Landscapes Co-signs as great organizations and individuals to purchase products from, collaborate with, learn from, and to work/volunteer with. This is meant to be local as relevant to the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Tristate area. Also for independent education, see the list of websites, and Pioneer Landscapes LLC produced spreadsheet, blog posts, and other educational material for the average Joe/Jill or Professional Field Botanist. 


Independent Educational Resources

Illinois Wildflowers - Google search "Illinois wildflowers" and the latin name of a Native Grass, Wildflower, Shrub, or Tree you're interested in, and you'll receive understandable, essential, and advanced information on the species with this website.

USDA Forest Service Tree/Shrub Database - in the "Find Species Reviews" tab, search using the latin or common name of a native tree or shrub you're interested in. Great general information source.

Floristic Quality Index of Ohio - If you're wondering if a plant is native in Ohio, or wonder what's native to Ohio, or wondering more technical information such as Wetland ratings and Co-efficent of Conservatism ratings, the floristic quality index is your best source.

Ohio Wildflowers and Flora - Kentucky Native Plant Society - Indiana Native Plant Society - Ancestral Plants - Utilize these facebook groups to post pictures of plants for I.D., to help follow others posts I.D.-ing local species, and join general discussion on related topics.


Pioneer Landscapes LLC Educational Documents

Reforestation Guide Spreadsheet for SE Indiana and SW Ohio-includes PH Ranges, moisture compatibility, soil formation preference and topography/hyrodlogy-habitat preference based on local soil survey/field studies for our restoration guide concerning SE Indiana and SW Ohio.

Uncultivated Herbaceous Native Plant Horticultural Guide-includes height based categorization, latin and common names, bloom periods, flower type, plant form, basic notes per plant. Also see our exceptional textures and form spreadsheet.


Conservation and Sustainability Focused Organizations

City of Cincinnati Office of Environment & Sustainability-Newsletter

Green Umbrella-Great Newsletter, Prime Volunteer Opportunities and Green Calendar. See their Member Organizations List for insight into who/what entities are actively involved in different parts of the green movement locally.

Great Parks-Excellent preservation of and reconstruction of prairies,wetlands and forests. See places to visit below. 

Midwest Native Plant Society and the Greater Cincinnati Wild Ones Chapter-two active native plant advocacy organizations hosting classes, workshops, and plant sales. 

Cincinnati Wildflower Preservation Society-great organization providing educational hikes, and actively restoring local habitat.

Cincinnati Nature Center-great place for family's and individuals to engage with nature in many creatively different ways.

Cincinnati Zoo- Great native plant displays, and sustainable infrastructure implementation throughout grounds.

Cardinal Land Conservancy- The largest land conservation coalition in Southwest Ohio. "Website in development."

Civic Garden Center- a standout local non-profit focused on community building through education, stewardship, and gardening.

Toni Stahl's - Excellent newsletter for local native plant events/news

Taking Root Campaign-A great tristate wide campaign to plant 2 million trees by 2020.


Recommended Readings and/or Reference Books

Ancestral Plants Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 - Arthur Haines - Website

Processing Acorns: Arthur Haines Youtube Video

Bees in your Backyard - Joesph S. Wilson, Olivia J. Messinger Carril

Native American Medicinal Plants - Ethnobotanical Dictionary  by Daniel Moerman E.

Native American Food Plants - Ethnobotanical Dictionary by Daniel Moerman E.