Invasive Plant Removal-first step to land recovery

Pioneer Landscapes is fitted to remove acres worth of honeysuckle, or just a backyard wood edge if you'd like. We removal all types of other invasive species as well, including Tree of Heaven, Buckthorn, Privet, Burning Bush, English Ivy, Euonymus and Multi-flora Rose. Pricing varies per site so we work by the hour/shift giving you the ability to halt the object when you feel enough has been removed or your budget ceiling has been reached. Check out our before and after video here. Our Cut Stump Method guarantees less than 5% return on removed honeysuckle, and we also can return in the spring to treat what small honeysuckles may have been missed or stump re-sprouts.

Prairie Land Management-Quit Mowing So Much!

Prairie Land management  These landscapes bloom from May through October accented by prairie grasses that sway in the wind throughout the summer and fall also providing winter cover/structure for wildlife. Due to prairies growing where trees can't due to high water tables, drought prone wind exposed conditions, and/or very shallow-rocky soils, prairies require no kind of irrigation to thrive. In fact once established they require little to no herbicide, no pesticides, and no fertilizers as they are living within the laws of nature as opposed to against. View this gallery for examples of mature prairies. Each design leaves bands of lawn on the edges of the prairie in between property lines, sidewalks, driveways, and streets as well as retaining a or multiple snaking trails of lawn through the prairie to give intimate access to the life about. To see the lively, pollinator packed scenery the prairie provides, see our short video on our Facebook Page.

Eco-Centered-Food/Medicine Focused Landscapes

Imagine a property line planting of Wild Plums, Elderberries, American Persimmons, and Hybrid Hazelnuts producing pounds and pounds of harvested nuts, fruits, and medicine in the form of elderberry syrup or tinctures. Or setting up a posts and grape line wires to harvest the calming leaves/stems or our native passionflower plus it's citrous flavored fruit pod. Perhaps you're more interested in setting up the grape line system for our locally wild Riverbank grape, which produces tasty leaves/tendrils/green shoots throughout the growing season followed by citrous flavored wild grapes. There are also various medicinal native plants that can be used to treat common illnesses such as viral and bacterial based ailments. 

Your land has the potential to produce a very low maintenance, ecologically lively, medicinal and fruitful harvest each year. We must simply design and install the right plants in the right place, so that they may thrive; not just survive. You can also add native plants that don't have much of a fruit or medicine to bare for "us", rather they are more so ecologically supportive; see below under Ecology Based Landscape Design/Install.

Ecology Based Landscape Design/Install-Create a lively landscape

Indigenous landscapes combines horticultural ideas such as contrast of textures, complementary colors, and layering of heights/shapes; with ecological laws to provide the most sustainable form of landscaping. We grow nearly every plant we install from seed and then we sell them affordably at $5.00 per herbaceous perennial. This allows us to have access to an extensive plant pallet bringing plants into the landscape that are mostly unavailable in the nursery industry. 

We are now giving free site visits for planning out 2018 installations.  Please see this gallery to see how your perennials quickly mature from our deep pot growing system that fosters healthy taproots and fibrous roots by preventing circling which is "bound" to happen in traditional pots. See our 2018 native nursery productions page here to see our stock for September-November plantings. 

With a deep understanding of companion planting coming from studying native prairies/wetlands/forests, and an artistic background in landscape design, Indigenous Landscapes can off your a Bee/Butterfly/Hummingbird animated native plant landscape that will stand out among the best.